Before each HHW associate is considered for employment, skill levels for each HHW associate will be tracked for specified tasks which can be performed by the HHW associate within the school environment.  Data obtained from performing these tasks will be utilized for each HHW associate, to practice each of these skills, promoting and reinforcing positive results and achieving their goal for potential employment.

Benefits to HHW Associates:

  • When HHW associates achieve their goals for specific tasks, they will prepare even further by editing their personal resume if needed then complete the school application for a specific job. They will have continual support and guidance of HHW staff all along the way. When the associate is fully prepared, they will be given the opportunity to interview at schools for potential jobs that may lead to part-time employment in which they will earn minimum wage.

  • Happy Hearts Working, Inc., will assign a 1-1 job coach to each HHW associate employed, to supervise and support the HHW associate while working, until the HHW associate no longer requires this support system.

  • Happy Hearts Working, Inc. will be in continual communication with school administration regarding each HHW associate's performance as their school's employee. When needed, HHW will provide additional training sessions for required job skills, to ensure that each HHW associate has a successful employee to employer relationship.

If your school is interested in teaming with Happy Hearts Working, Inc. and our associates for a successful job partnership and to share the joy of Christ with others, please click below!