Our Story about the Knights of Columbus

After recently learning of Happy Hearts Working, Inc., and our mission, a member of the Sacred Heart Parish Knights of Columbus Council #2408 invited us to share details about our organization at their council meeting and arranged to have us added to their next meeting agenda.  

As Co-Founders, we made a presentation about Happy Hearts Working to the large group of attendees about our purpose and business. We were received with such positive support and questions of interest!  The Council offered to volunteer for HHW during the meeting, and we were thrilled that the collective needs of Happy Hearts Working were considered by their organization.  A few days later, we received a check in the mail for a significant unsolicited donation from them, along with a commitment to give us a portion of their annual fundraising proceeds.  We are blessed by the support of Knights of Columbus Council #2408!

Sponsorship for us is gaining momentum from organizations who believe in our mission by offering financial and volunteer support.  Sponsors are generated from both nonprofit organizations and for-profit businesses.  We envision the groups that sponsor us as the beginning of a long-term relationship. Thus far, that has been the case and we truly look forward to getting to know future organizations who choose to partner with Happy Hearts Working, Inc.

Many Sponsors’ members and/or employees have already joined our start-up committees to give their expertise for the planning and implementation of HHW.  We have been blessed to witness members within our committees actively participate and help prepare committee proposals as we continue toward the opening Happy Hearts Working doors in June of 2018!

If your organization is interested in finding out more regarding Sponsorships, please complete the Sponsorship Inquiry Form. The information you provide will allow us to respond according to your interests.