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Carol Farnsworth

Carol has spent her career caring for others, the majority of it working at Sacred Heart School and is better known as “Nurse Carol”.  She has a passion for health and fitness and loves spending time outdoors!  It started when she was very young, playing sports with her family along with neighborhood friends in their gigantic backyard.  Carol has learned countless lessons about the game of “life” through years of coaching her children’s team in youth sports and volunteering for philanthropic events.  She has lived in her home town all her life and was baptized into the same parish that she and her family members belong to and support. Carol considers it to be a blessing to be there for anyone that needs her, including her husband, Steve, their five children, son in law, Justin and grandson, Darin!

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Debbie Polys

Debbie had a corporate career until starting a family.  She is happily married and they have two incredibly creative daughters.  Both the girls are married and employed in their chosen field of study.  Debbie and her husband Bob passed on their lifelong love of dogs to the girls so the grand dogs attend all the family gatherings!  Debbie has a unique perspective on disability as she herself has lived with an organic brain disorder since she was in her early thirties.  It was caused by the removal of a brain tumor while pregnant with their youngest daughter.  She has great compassion for those that can often feel “less” when struggling with a disability.  The truth is that we all have disabilities in some respect; more importantly,  we each have value and a  purpose.  Carol and Debbie want those with disabilities to be given the opportunity to pursue their dreams and enjoy all that life has to offer!